Corridor – Sukabumi Factory
Library – Kejayan Factory
Lounge – Head Office
Fitness center – Kejayan Factory
Meeting Room – Kejayan Factory
Music Room – Head Office

Their Story

Our people make our business. Therefore, we’ve strived to make a supportive working environment by giving our employee supporting facilities and token of appreciation. Through Talent Management program, everyone has a chance to develop their potential. We also provide training and scholarship abroad to enhance our people’s quality.

“A comfortable working environment, a work atmosphere built with a family-oriented concept makes work fun”

Fitriah Hati Puteri
Admin Maintenance, Kejayan Factory

“With mutual support among fellow employees, and also from superiors, can create a great passion for working motivation”

Marketing Soyjoy, Head Office

“Culture of work discipline that is built to make the work can be resolved properly”

Admin Production, Sukabumi Factory

“The company provides facilities to employees, including Club Hobbies who make an interest and talent is channeled”

Yuro Bimo Kusumo
Accounting, Kejayan Factory