Soyjoy Encourages Indonesian People to Have A Healthier Lifestyle Through Cut Carbo Campaign

Jakarta, 22 September 2016 – Did you know that diabetes is widely known as a “silent killer”? It’s because most people don’t realize if they have diabetes and when they do, the disease has usually grown into some complications. The excess consumption of carbohydrate is the main reason why someone has diabetes. The good news is that diabetes risk can be prevented by adjusting your lifestyle to a healthier one. There are many ways you can do to commit to it, one of them is by participating in SOYJOY’s Cut Carbo campaign.

Through that campaign, SOYJOY encourages Indonesia people to keep their carbohydrate intake at the low level and maintain their blood sugar. You can do that by simply eating SOYJOY two hours before meal. SOYJOY is made of low Glycemic Index (GI) soy flour and rich in fiber, thus SOYJOY is able to make you feel full for a longer time, control your appetite, and maintain your blood sugar level. In addition to that, SOYJOY also has no artificial sweetener or any preservatives in them.

On the other side, SOYJOY realizes that changing your lifestyle is not as easy as it sounds. You need a positive boost to do it. Well, as a human being, you must have a life-changing moment that can be used as a motivation to increase your quality of life. Some of you may even experience it more than once. Through Cut Carbo campaign, SOYJOY wants you to turn your lifestyle stir to a better direction. And you can do it by cutting down your level of carbohydrate intake.

Ringgo Agus Rahman has experienced the so-called life-changing moment in his life, when his first son, Bjorka, was born. Ringgo realizes that as a parent, he has to put more effort to be healthy. He, then, made a commitment to himself to start living healthier by cutting down his carbohydrate intake and maintain his blood sugar level. He chose to eat SOYJOY two hours before meal. He even shares his “life-changing moment” story through six videos on his YouTube channel.

You can follow Ringgo’s healthy path to also participate in Cut the Carb campaign by always taking SOYJOY wherever you are. SOYJOY has simple packaging and is easy to be ripped off. It’s very suitable for a modern person who likes to keep things go in fast pace like you. Not only does it help you adjust your lifestyle to a healthier one, you can also spread a positive message to people around you to do the same. What are you waiting for? Let’s eat SOYJOY two hours before meal to cut down the diabetes risk!