Pocari Sweat Sport Science sent Born To Sweat Runners Towards the 2019 Tokyo Marathon and Seoul International Marathon 2019

After undergoing an intensive 4-month training program with Pocari Sweat Sports Science, Born To Sweat Runners is ready to take part in an international marathon competition

Jakarta, 06 February 2019 – Along with POCARI SWEAT’s commitment to always invite the Indonesian people to live healthy by continuing to actively move and exercise, then this year POCARI SWEAT through the Pocari Sweat Sports Science again delivered 4 public figures to become Marathoners in the standard running event. international, Tokyo Marathon 2019 and Seoul International Marathon 2019.

Pocari Sweat Sports Science is a team of experts from various disciplines that aim to support the development of a person’s performance in the field of sports for the better. Pocari Sweat Sports Science was born on the basis of POCARI SWEAT’s concern in providing the right knowledge about sports to increasing athletes and sports lovers.

“It is our hope that Pocari Sweat Sports Science can help everyone, both athletes and the general public, to achieve better performance in sports. In addition, through Born To Sweat, we also want to convey that with high discipline, proper training programs and the support of an experienced team of experts, will help anyone to achieve the best performance, “said Ricky Suhendar, PT Amerta Indah Otsuka’s Marketing Director.

Ricky further added that his party also provided convenience for the wider community to benefit directly from Pocari Sweat Sports Science by downloading the Born To Sweat application through the Play Store and the Apple Store.

Pocari Sweat Sport Science consists of 4 pillars or disciplines namely Sport Nutrition to help someone determine the nutritional intake needed by the body during an exercise program, Sport Physiology will analyze, monitor and ensure that the physical condition is excellent, Sport Psychology can help someone in facing psychological challenges as well as motivating them to achieve goals and Sport Medicine to help prevent and deal with injuries while a person is undergoing a medical program.

“As a team, we are committed to preparing an appropriate training program for each individual to achieve the expected targets. During the training process we do not forget to ensure that they remain focused and consistent in maintaining their performance to achieve the expected goals,” said Agung Mulyawan, Head Coach of Pocari Sweat Sports Science.

Pocari Sweat Sports Science is supported by experts
Each pillar in the Pocari Sweat Sports Science is supported by experts in their fields, including Matias Ibo, a physiotherapy expert who is experienced in handling the Indonesian football national team, and Dr. Andi Kurniawan who is one of the doctors who accompanied the Indonesian contingent at the 2012 London Olympics. Supported also by Agung Mulyawan who is also the Athletic Trainer of National Pelat (PB.PASI) and other experts involved.

Zee Zee Shahab, Public Figure and Born To Sweat Runners said, this was the first time he had participated in an international running competition. It was full of challenges, but according to him, he felt very helped by the Pocari Sweat Sports Science team who always accompanied him through difficult times during training.

Besides Zee Zee Shahab, the other three Born To Sweat Runners is Soraya Larasati, Alya Rohali, and Sahila Hisyam. Before taking part in the international running competition, the Tokyo Marathon 2019 and the Seoul International Marathon 2019 on the 3rd March 2019 and the upcoming 17th 2019, Born To Sweat Runners undergo an intensive training program for 4 months starting in November 2018. As for the trajectories to be conquered by them is 42,195 km long.