POCARI SWEAT Lunar Dream Project

Jakarta, 19 February 2016 – Since long ago, it is said that moon has significant effect to human biorhythms. Space searching makes us reflect the origin of human life. When we look back on earth from moon, what will we see? As researcher of human body, Pocari Sweat is really enthusiastic on the prospect of how the landscape of earth is seen from the surface of moon.

Recently a discovery of moon surprisingly had been found, by the end of 2009, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) found signs of water exsistence in moon’s surface with similar composition to water in earth. Following up that discovery, POCARI SWEAT immediately set up to be the first drink ever land in moon.

Until now, access to space is still limited to the chosen one only (astronauts, scientist, and some states). But history will soon be rewritten. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd from private sector will try to do space trip to moon surface that eventually comes true in 2016. As familiar drink among most of society, POCARI SWEAT aims to proclaim the publication of this new space era to the world by marking that first step.

Utilizing most up-to-date scientific tool and technology, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd as POCARI SWEAT isotonic drink producer, cooperate with Astroscale as expert of space design and technology and many other parties that manifest this project. Each party with their own science based capability and technology strives to prepare POCARI SWEAT launch to moon through a project named Lunar Dream Project.

POCARI SWEAT launch to moon is expected to be inspiration to advance science to wide society, especially the youth of Indonesia. Daniel Pieter, Head of Marketing Pocari Sweat explained  “Lunar Dream Project aims not only to deliver POCARI SWEAT to the moon, but also to inspire young generation to dare to dream and make it happen, specifically in science and technology,”. Daniel added, “Science and technology are vital substance that enable Lunar Dream Project manifested. We hope one day, one of youth of Indonesia can fly to the moon and enjoy POCARI SWEAT there”.

Nobu Okada, Founder & CEO Astroscale as the leading party of Lunar Dream Project’s whole design and technology management, explained that POCARI SWEAT is carried by unmanned aircraft called “Griffin” that will travel 380.000 kilometers from earth to month. POCARI SWEAT that is delivered to the moon is in powder form kept in time capsule specially designed for this mission. “That capsul is designed with special technology imitating POCARI SWEAT can that last for long time in the ecosystem of moon. POCARI SWEAT time capsule is planned to be launched to the moon by summer 2016,” he defined.

POCARI SWEAT will always support space exploration through various initiatives. POCARI SWEAT wants to encourage children’s dream, not only in Japan and Indonesia, but also Asia wholly, and even in the whole world where space exploration keeps advancing. Objective of this project will not simply last by the time Dream Capsule lands on the moon. On the contrary, this will mark new space era and inspire children to dream about space.

“Lot of things could be done by human for their civilization by maximizing science. Therefore, I invite Indonesian youth to keep on learning, especially for science, to create more things not only for themselves but also for the nation, state and also for the whole world. Lunar Dream Project is real proof of POCARI SWEAT on how science makes human goes way further,” said Firly Savitri, Founder of llmuwan Muda Indonesia.