POCARI SWEAT Bintang SMA is Ready to fulfil the Big Dreams of Indonesian Youth

Jakarta, 16 November 2019 – POCARI SWEAT Bintang SMA online talent-based event in Indonesia has entered the final round, where ten finalists will fight to get the title and will star in the next Pocari Sweat ad. The finalists have gone through various stages and training from the judges who have been providing support and motivation to realize their dreams.

This event involved competent judges in their respective fields, namely Gading Marten, Tasya Farasya, Rendy Pandugo, Ernest Prakasa, and Zee Zee Shahab. The POCARI SWEAT Bintang SMA competition began with an online submission on September 7-30 September 2019 and was welcomed positively by Indonesian youth, as evidenced by the inclusion of 12,000 video submissions from all over Indonesia. Then the jury selected the top 50 which were re-selected into the top 10. Ten selected finalists were given intensive training at a three-day workshop to prepare for their performance at the grand final night.

“We hope that through POCARI SWEAT Bintang High School, it can become a refresher and encouragement for Indonesian teenagers to dare to sweat and reach their big dreams,” said Ricky Suhendar.

Furthermore, Gading Marten said, “Congratulations to the finalists who have entered the Top 10 POCARI SWEAT Bintang SMA because from now on you have proven that you can realize your dreams and talents with POCARI SWEAT.”

Shinomiya Yoshitoshi, director and animator of the POCARI SWEAT Bintang SMA TV ad which was viral among netizens was also present at the event. “Congratulations to the winner of POCARI SWEAT Bintang SMA. I feel happy and proud and we will soon collaborate on making the second POCARI SWEAT Bintang SMA TV ad.”

“Thank you to the judges who have given their experience and motivation to all the finalists who have participated in the talent search event this time. And congratulations to Nada Syakira Aisya from Banjarmasin, who was chosen as the winner of POCARI SWEAT Bintang SMA. Hopefully with the POCARI SWEAT Bintang SMA, teenagers in Indonesia will be able to realize their big dreams,” closed Ricky Suhendar, Marketing Director PT Amerta Indah Otsuka.