POCARI SWEAT Bintang SMA, The Biggest Online Talent Search in Indonesia

Jakarta, 12 September 2019 – Teenagers have a lot of potential and great talents which if well developed would bring them to success. Youth is the most memorable phase of life where the turmoil of achieving dreams is at its peak. The passion and determination to achieve dreams will be a challenge.

To that end, Pocari Sweat invites young Indonesian, especially high school students and equivalent, to dare to sweat to achieve dreams through a competition titled Bintang SMA, an online based talent show in Indonesia. The main winner of this competition will be the Pocari Sweat Indonesia commercial star. “Through the Bintang SMA, Pocari Sweat wants to motivate Indonesian youth to get out of their comfort zones. Youth is short, so it needs to be utilized as well as possible by realizing their talents and dreams,” said Ricky Suhendar as Marketing Director of PT Amerta Indah Otsuka during the Bintang SMA Kick off Press Conference today.

Ricky Suhendar further explained that Pocari Sweat understands the need for a place to develop the talent of Indonesian youth in various fields. Bintang SMA is ready to realize various types of talents, interests and passions.

Bintang SMA Competition consists of three stages. The first stage is online submission. Participants will upload their talent videos through their personal Instagram account by tagging the official Instagram account of Pocari Sweat @pocariid. In these posts participants must write their motivations as well as the #BintangSMA hashtag on the caption. This stage has started since 7 September 2019 together with the launch of TVC Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA and will be closed on 30 September 2019. The second stage, participants were selected into the top 50. At this stage, they will be given a challenge to make a video with a support system such as family, friends, or best friends. Participants will selected into the top 10 and will attend workshops on 25-27 October 2019 in Jakarta. This workshop is to prepare for their performance at the Grand Final at the Pocari Sweat Festival, 16 November 2019.

Bintang SMA involves big names in Indonesia who are experienced in their fields as judges, namely Tasya Farasya, Rendy Pandugo, Ernest Prakarsa, Zee Zee Shahab, and Gading Marten.

As one of the Bintang SMA judges, Rendy Pandugo said he is proud to be the witness of the birth of a star and expressed his opinion about the importance of starting and realizing dreams, “Dreams make live worth living. When we struggle, believe the dream we have is the main reason that keeps us moving forward,” said Rendy.

Zee Zee Shahab, who was also present at the Bintang SMA Press Conference, revealed that this competition was a golden opportunity for young Indonesians, especially high school students of the same level. “This Bintang SMA competition could be the first step for young Indonesians in the future, not about who won, but who would dare to sweat and build the determination to achieve their dreams,” explained Zee Zee.

“We hope through Bintang SMA, Pocari Sweat can be a refreshers and encouragement for Indonesian teenagers to dare to sweat and reach their dreams,” closed Ricky Suhendar.