POCARI SWEAT Give Appreciation Towards Jonatan Christie and Christoper Rungkat as Winning Gold Medals of the Asian Games 2018

Jakarta, 6 September 2018 – The biggest sporting event in Asia that is Asian Games which took place from 18 August – 2 September in Jakarta and Palembang leaving the excitement and pride of the Indonesian. POCARI SWEAT as the Official Partner of Asian Games is also very proud of the Indonesian athletes who have won the medal of 98 medals earned among them are 31 gold medals, 24 silver medals, and 43 bronze medals. Two of the thirty-one gold medals earned, among them are Jonatan Cristie from the Badminton and Christoper Rungkat from the Double Mix of Tennis.

POCARI SWEAT in this case also wants to appreciate the hard work by Jonatan Cristie and Christoper Rungkat where they have honored the Indonesian in sports and the appreciation given by POCARI SWEAT in the form of cash amounting to 100 million rupiah. Jonatan Christie and Christoper Rungkat are chosen because they and POCARI SWEAT have been established “Friendship” before the Asian Games event started. Christoper and Jonatan trust each other to POCARI SWEAT and POCARI SWEAT feel that Jonathan and Christoper have a hard-working soul to achieve his accomplishments and they have supported POCARI SWEAT in promoting Asian Games 2018 who POCARI SWEAT is the official partner.

On the other hand, POCARI SWEAT also appreciates because they set aside some of the appreciation for refugees who earthquake affected in Lombok – NTB as a form of compassion for Lombok people and thanks for their support in Asian Games 2018.

Ricky Suhendar as a Corporate Communication Director of PT Amerta Indah Otsuka said “This appreciation is a support from POCARI SWEAT to Indonesia, especially to Jonatan Chistie and Christoper Rungkat who have been working with POCARI SWEAT in conducting marketing activities”.

This year is the fifth time of POCARI SWEAT to sponsors the Asian Games, Previously POCARI SWEAT sponsoring the Asian Games in Thailand 1998, South Korea 2002, Qatar 2006, and South Korea 2014.