POCARI SWEAT Bandung West Java Marathon 2017 Successfully Held, Thousands Of People Participate

Bandung, 30 July 2017 – First event of marathon in Bandung city, POCARI SWEAT Bandung West Java Marathon, was held on Sunday, July 30th 2017 with 6.500 runners, both local and tourists. National athlete Agus Prayogo with some celebrity runners like Melanie Putria, Jennifer Bachdim, and Haruka Nakagawa enlivened this event. As a form of support from West Java Province and Bandung City government, Ahmad Heryawan as Governor of West Java, and, Ridwan Kamil as Mayor of Bandung City officially initiated the event.

POCARI SWEAT Bandung West Java Marathon 2017 carried the concept sport tourism. The objective of this event is to integrate sport and tourism aspect, while still educated how important of #SAFERUNNING are. Together with the government of West Java Province and government of Bandung City, POCARI SWEAT decided the route that passes landmark areas of Bandung City, i.e start and finish in Sate Building and ran around the city through Pasupati Bridge, Pelangi Bridge, Merdeka Building, Square of Bandung City, and Braga Street.

Not only running event, Pocari Sweat Bandung West Java Marathon is different because of  collaborated with unique various art culture of West Java like rampak gendang, Merak Dance and angklung music.

The event of POCARI SWEAT Bandung West Java Marathon 2017 is expected to be sport channel promotion to all generation that starting from kids to adult and make running sport to be part of healthy lifestyle of Indonesian people.