POCARI SWEAT Invite Indonesian Children with International Achievement to be the Torchbearer of Asian Games 2018

Nanda Mei Sholehah Indonesian special needs athlete who win the Asian Para Games 2017 to Agnes Natasya the winner of biology olympic take a part of this event

Yogyakarta, July 19 2018 – Welcoming the biggest multievent sports in Asia, the 18th Asian Games to be held in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia held Torch Relay Asian Games 2018. POCARI SWEAT as the Official Partner of Asian Games has invited 4 International Children’s Achievers to be torchbearer in torch relay Asian Games 2018. In addition, POCARI SWEAT also introduced the Light up the Torch program, where through this activity POCARI SWEAT wants to rejuvenate Torch Relay Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia.

Torch relay or torch parade is a routine tradition ahead of the Asian Games. The flame of torch brought from New Delhi, India and it will stop in Yogyakarta as the first city and will be taken to 17 other cities in Indonesia. As a form of support for this activity, POCARI SWEAT has invited 4 International Children’s Achievers to be the  torch bearer in torch relay Asian Games 2018. These four children are Nanda Mei Sholehah – Indonesian special needs athlete who win the Asian Para Games 2017, Agnes Natasya – Penabur Kelapa Gading Senior High School who won the biology olympic 2017, Jenahara – Moslem clothing designer with international achievement and has also received the award as Second Generation of Indonesia Fashion Forward in 2013 and lastly is Andre Surya – Visual effect artist for International box office movies like TRANSFORMER, IRON MAN and STAR-TREK.

“POCARI SWEAT has chosen 4 International Children’s Achievers to inspired the entire Indonesian people, especially the young generation of Indonesia to give encouragement to the athletes who will strive for achievement in their respective fields. Like the four children of the selected POCARI SWEAT”, said Ricky Suhendar as a Corporate Communication Director of PT Amerta Indah Otsuka.

Jenahara admitted very proud to be one of the torchbearer Asian Games 2018. “Hopefully this activity will inspire the youngs generation to work and keep outstanding in the international arena”, said Jenahara

To Celebrate the Torch Relay Asian Games 2018, POCARI SWEAT introduced the Light Up the torch program. Through this program POCARI SWEAT invites Indonesian people to actively participate in the launch of the Asian Games 2018 torch as a form of support and passion for Indonesia at Asian Games 2018. This program is accessible through the microsite at www.pocarisweat.id/lightupthetorch. The more support given to Indonesia, the greater the torch flame in the Asian Games 2018.