OTSUKA BERBAGI Hand Over Donation to Ambon Earthquake Refugees

Ambon, 6 October 2019 – As a form of concern for people affected by the earthquake in Ambon, Maluku, PT Amerta Indah Otsuka distributed donation to refugees. Donation was given in the form of 1,440 bottles of POCARI SWEAT to three evacuation points in Central Maluku Regency and Ambon City, Maluku. This activity is part of the CSR program “SATU HATI – Otsuka Berbagi” that focuses on providing assistance to people affected by natural disasters.

The Head of Corporate Communication of PT Amerta Indah Otsuka Anita Veronica, said that the distribution of donation is an obligation to help the people affected by the disaster, especially during the emergency response period. “This assistance is a form of concern for the people affected by the disaster in Ambon. Through this activity we hope to reduce the burden on the people affected by the earthquake,” said Anita. “We hope the assistance provided can be useful and the location can be restored and the economy moves again.”

Donation has been handed over to refugees through evacuation posts located at 3 points, namely Waai Village and Liang Village in Salahutu District, Central Maluku Regency and Laha Village in Teluk Ambon District, Ambon City with a total refugee +/- 1,430 people.