Cleaning Malabar Urban Florest

Malang, 14 August 2016 – Otsuka Group collaborated with Radar Malang to conduct an event called Bersih-bersih Malabar. This event was fully supported by the local government. Bersih-bersih Malabar is a follow-up event of Malabar Urban Forest revitalization program that has been done on April 4th, 2016.

Malabar Urban Forest is one of the city icons you can find in Malang. Otsuka Group, Radar Malang, and staff from the local government were not the only ones who put their effort in taking care of Malabar Urban Forest. There were also people from the local community who did not want to miss the event. As a part of Bersih-bersih Malabar event, Otsuka Group also conducted a contest in which the community groups in Oro-oro Dowo, a location where Hutan Kota Malabar is at, had to compete by cleaning out their neighborhood. Mr. Moh. Anton as the Mayor of Malang even rolled his sleeves and participated in this community service too.

Through Bersih-bersih Kota Malabar, Otsuka Group tried to encourage the local community in Malang to continuously support and maintain Malabar Urban Forest. Otsuka Group hopes that people are willing to always take care of the environment for the sake of better future.

All those positive efforts related to Malabar Hutan Forest are the embodiment of Otsuka Group’s commitment to creating environmental conservation. It lines up with the philosophy “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide”. Otsuka Group commits to always educate local community to take care of their environment.